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2023 Revenue Growth Planning

How to HIT YOUR 2023 REVENUE GOAL, while spending as little as possible.


1- HOW TO HIT YOUR 2023 REVENUE GOAL. This is not just a talk, it’s an interactive workshop. Friend (the Founder of Growth Through Love) starts by asking the question: “How much money do we want to make next year?”, then he walks side by side with the audience (in person or on Zoom), asking questions, and based on the audience's answers he builds an entire business (model) in real-time. Then the fun starts as the audience asks questions: “How much money could we make if we did XYZ?”. We put the ideas into the model and we can clearly see the revenue grow right in front of our eyes. We are not tell you how to grow your business, we are going to show you.

2- HOW TO GROW FASTER WHILE SPENDING LESSWe will discuss every way to drive revenue in your business and will identify every revenue growth opportunity you are currently missing. Then we will show you how to avoid cashflow danger, by growing your company organically (fast-to-cash strategies pay for slow-to-cash strategies), which lets you grow faster while keeping your money in the bank.


3- HOW TO INTELLIGENTLY INVEST IN GROWTH. The first step to growth is to know your numbers, because if you don’t understand how your money works, then people will take it from you. We can’t intelligently build a customer acquisition system (hire sales and marketers) unless we understand how much we can afford to spend to get a customer (customer acquisition budget) and we can’t understand that unless we first know what our average customer is worth (customer lifetime value). If you want to hire a marker you first need to know how many leads you need in order to hit your revenue goal and how much you can afford to spend to get a lead.  ​We will show you how to easily find these numbers in your business so you can manage your sales and marketing efforts intelligently (invest vs spend).

OUR CORE BELIEF: When you build your business from a place of love, it will grow. The best products & services are made from a place of passion and the most successful companies are able to get their customers to fall in love with their brands.

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