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Welcome To The End Of Small Business Overwhelm

Imagine the peace of mind you will feel when all the chaos you are juggling now has a simple, organized place to live. A hub for everything going on in your business. 

Welcome to your business's new home base.


Our unique, intuitively designed  Trickle Down Dashboard allows you to see your entire company at a glance, as it systematically guides you from ideas to results.

OUR CORE.  who we are
ANALYSIS.  what we could do
GOAL SET.  what we will do
IMPLEMENT.  what we are doing
MEASURE RESULTS.  what we did do

Happy pretty young woman stretching her arms as she leans back relaxing in her chair with
How It Works
Moving From Frustration To Freedom In 3 Steps
  • PHASE 1: SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. First, move business operations from OVERWHELM (inside your head) to ORGANIZATION (inside your home base). This frees your mind, giving you clarity and focus, so you can much more effectively juggle everything happening in your business.
  • PHASE 2: HARMONIZE YOUR TEAM. Next, bring your team on board and guide them with precision. Our team meeting process aligns your team by providing a structured framework to guide team collaboration. It ensures the team has the right conversations, effectively prioritizes activities, and seamlessly balances important company goals and urgent issues and fires. 
  • PHASE 3: FREEDOM. Once you become comfortable with the systematic way the business is being managed, you are empowered to participate less and less in the team meetings, until eventually you just show up and watch your company grow. This empowers you to spend more of your time on what matters most, because efficiencies in the business equate to growth in the home.
    • Additionally, if/when the time is right for an exit, a business that can operate independently is very sellable.
Learn More Video
In this video, we are going to show you how our system will completely transform your business​
  • Create clarity and remove overwhelm
  • Get to your goals faster, while spending less time at work 
  • Discover a deeper sense of purpose in your business

Video Coming Soon

Try It Free
Working With Us Is As Easy As 1-2-3
  1. MEETING. Book a free 1-on-1 intro meeting (link below). We love personal relationships. This meeting is about meeting each other, answering your questions, and giving you free access to your new Home Base!

  2. ONBOARDING. In order to ensure your success we will work with you (side-by-side)  to build out your business's new Home Base. This consists of a 1-hour meeting every week for 4 weeks (4 total meetings). In between meetings, your homework will be to build out different sections of the Home Base (vision, mission, goals, etc). By the end of the onboarding, your company will be running smoother than you could have ever imagined possible. 

  3. PAY. We are so confident in our system that we are going to do everything for you before you pay. If you don't like it you can cancel and never pay a dime. However, if you love it (which we know you will), then after your 1-month free trial ends you will be charged $48.88 /m (plus a 1x $499 onboarding fee).

Everything Starts Here

ATTENTION: Our software is currently in BETA (pre-launch testing).  During the beta phase, everything is free, however, we are only accepting direct referrals from friends and family. If you are interested in becoming a Beta user, please join our waitlist. 

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