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  • Increased annual revenue by 302% by redesigning the product roadmap and pricing strategy. Performed analysis on market position, competition, and competency synergies in order to create a market-driven product model.

  • Decreased cost of goods sold (COGS) by 12.3% by creating a P&L financial modeling system to track man-hours and costs for every client, service line, and division which enabled us to eliminate inefficiencies and reallocate resources.

  • Increase annual revenue by 86.7% by redesigning and implementing the customer journey roadmap (buyer persona development focused on driving reviews and referrals).

  • Increased annual revenue 400% by creating an integrations analytics report that creates quantified business cases to track 5-year cash flow impact projections against proposed initiatives. This led to Sales and Marketing resource reallocation (eliminating waste and focusing teams).

  • Designed a C2C SaaS platform with a 1079 man-hour scope, utilizing agile project management to scum the team and manage the platform creation from concept through UX/UI design and into LAMP web development (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).


  • UX/UI website redesign resulting in a 300% increase in sales revenue through conversion optimization and customer experience mapping. Redesigned tech stack to improve website load time by 545.38% (7.63 - 1.19sec).

  • Decreased cost of goods sold (COGS) by 44% through overseas productization of software and web development services. This required building a multi-national cross functional team with SOPs for communication and work-flow for both customer facing teams (commercial specs) and the development/engineering teams (technical specs)

  • Negotiated a joint venture with a billion-dollar brand which resulted in securing an exclusive contract for distribution. Required extensive negotiations with multiple legal teams, buy-build-partner analysis, new entity formation, and securing a state contractor license for adherence to state regulatory compliance.

  • Created a software risk mitigation and Q/A system (including use scenarios) which reduced user issue rates by 12.4% for a multinational development team. 

  • Grew email list by 40.74% by managing a customer satisfaction process improvement project (customer database content segmentation). Engagement also increased (open rates by 40.79% and click-through rates by 7.89%).


  • Increased organic web traffic by 241.67% for a product launch by implementing a search engine marketing strategy. 

  • Increased sales revenue by 307% by building an event sponsorship/trade-show strategy, which included a public speaking sales funnel. 

  • Increased social media website visitors by 137.5% by implementing a social media content creation strategy.

  • Managed (agile) digital advertising product launch that resulted in $1.7M in sales revenue through Facebook and Google ads, retargeting, Amazon and influencer marketing.

  • Managed a new product launch resulting in revenue of $124,000 in the first 30 days by building a customer acquisition system that consisted of 3 teams (digital lead generation, call center appointment setting, and outside sales).

  • Managed a new product launch with month over month sales improvements of 50% using Facebook and email advertising strategies.  This required the creation of new demo trial products.

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