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The Business Model Workshop

We're not going to tell you how to grow your business, we're going to show you.


In this interactive workshop, Friend (the Founder of Growth Through Love) walks side by side with the audience (in person or on Zoom), asking questions, and based on the audience's answers he builds an entire business model in real time. After this workshop, the audience leaves knowing exactly what it takes to hit their revenue goal. 

The business model is the foundation of business growth and yet many entrepreneurs don’t understand it and this is one of the primary reasons entrepreneurs waste so much money (spending vs investing). If you don’t understand how your money works, then people will take it from you. 


Example: A marketing agency asks you for $10,000. Do you give it to them? What do you expect in return? How could you possibly answer that question (manage your sales and marketing) if you don't understand how much you can afford to spend to get a lead? If your budget per lead is $1,000 then you expect the marketer to give you 10 leads in exchange for $10,000.


To grow your business we need to build systems for getting new customers (customer acquisition systems) and we can’t intelligently manage our sales and marketing spend unless we understand how much we can afford to spend to get a customer (customer acquisition budget) and we can’t understand that unless we first know what our average customer is worth (customer lifetime value). ​In this workshop we will dive into:


    1. The Product Portfolio

    2. The Customer Acquisition System

    3. The Profit and Loss Statement


    1. What is our revenue goal?

    2. How many customers do we need to hit our revenue goal?

    3. Y- How much is our average customer worth (customer lifetime value)?

    4. X- How much can we afford to spend to get a customer (customer acquisition budget)?

    5. How much are we currently spending to get a customer  (customer acquisition cost)?

    6. How many leads do we need to get that many customers?

    7. How much can we afford to spend to get a lead?

  3. MONEY MACHINE: At the most fundamental level of your business model is a money machine. Spend X to make Y…as many times as possible.

  4. REVENUE DRIVERS: Once we build the business model, we will show you how to pull revenue-driving levers in the business model. We will go over every way to drive revenue and discuss which strategies have the fastest return on investment. You can see in real-time how strategies correlate to revenue growth and ultimately see exactly what it’s going to take to hit our revenue goal.


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