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  • HIT YOUR GROWTH GOAL. The business model is the foundation for business growth. We start with the question: how much money do you want to make?...then we build your business model, reverse engineering exactly what its going to take to get to our goal. We slowly unpack all of your MONEY METRICS, which are the numbers you need to know to effectively manage your growth (build customer acquisition systems, invest in sales and marketing, etc).

    • What is your revenue goal?

    • How many customers do you need to hit your revenue goal?

    • How much is your average customer worth?

    • How much can you afford to spend to get a customer (customer acquisition budget)?

    • How much are you currently spending to get a customer  (customer acquisition cost)?

    • How many leads do you need to get that many customers?

    • How much can you afford to spend to get a lead?

  • DRIVE REVENUE FASTER. We will go over every way to drive revenue in your business and we will teach you in what order to implement strategies to achieve organic growth (each strategy pays for the next), which allows you to grow faster while keeping your money in the bank. Grab the lowest hanging fruit first!

  • STOP WASTING MONEY. If you don’t understand how your money works, people will take it from you. This training will teach you how to model your ideas (IE: "how much money could we make if we did XYZ?"). This allows you to understand your return on investment before choosing to spend money (IE: invest $20k in marketing… $100k projected return). As we put the ideas into the model, we watch your revenue grow right in front of our eyes. You will walk away with clarity, knowing exactly how the money in your business works and more importantly how you can make it work for you.

Get a grip on your money, before someone else does. 


1) DOWNLOAD RESOURCE: Click the 'download resource' button below to open the business modeling resource and then make a copy (note: make sure to copy it as a Google sheet, not XL, because the formulas won't compute)

2) WATCH VIDEO TRAINING: Watch the training video (Business Modeling- Level 1). Follow along while you build your own business model (IE: 

3) NEXT LEVEL: If you feel you are an advanced business strategist and you want to see what the next level looks like, we encourage you to check out 'Business Modeling- Level 2'. 


This training is for more advanced business strategists. It covers many of the same topics from level 1 but it also integrates cash flow. It covers more advanced topics, like how to project cash flow when implementing a marketing strategy. We recommend you watch this training even if you don't do it, just to get a better understanding of how the cash flow in your business works.

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