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We are united in our common mission of using our businesses to spread love.

CORE BELIEF (Micro): WHEN YOU OPERATE FROM A PLACE OF LOVE, YOU WILL GROW. Sometimes that growth looks like 'learning' and sometimes it looks like 'revenue'. Either way, we can look at the marketplace and see the results. The best products and services are made from a place of passion and one of the top corporate achievements is to get your customers to fall in love with your brand.  


First of all, we are about making money, lots of money. We operate from a place of extreme abundance. It’s easier to have a big impact if you have big resources. However, we think of money like the gas in your car, you can't get very far without it, but it’s not about the gas, it’s about the destination (your vision). You will never achieve your purpose in money, but in most cases, money is needed to achieve your purpose (we all need to eat). When they ask Rockefeller, how much money is enough, he replied: "Just a little bit more". You see when your focus is money, then your goal is more. You end up running on a hamster wheel (increased stimulus for decreased satisfaction). You're moving but your not growing (maturing) and this is why we see old businessmen acting like horny teenage boys. The way off the hamster wheel is to realize the purpose of anything is relative to the whole. It's not about consumption, it's about contribution. It's about love. The way off the hamster wheel and the way to truly grow is through love…Growth Through Love.

OUR MISSION: USE BUSINESS TO MAKE THE WORLD A MORE LOVING PLACE. We EMPOWER purpose-driven entrepreneurs to grow their impact and discover deeper purpose in their work and then UNITE them to be a driving force for cultural reform.




  • STEP 1. PERCEPTION (Accept)- Shift your perception to align with reality by accepting that advanced math and science both show us that you are part of a universe that is unified and unfolding with infinite order, not chaos, there is no purpose in chaos. When looking for indicators of purpose you need to look at reality as though it's happening on purpose. Look at what's happening inside of you (interests) and outside of you (opportunities) because these are signs pointing to your purpose.
  • STEP 2. PASSION (Align)- Align what's happening inside of you (interests) to what's happening outside of you (opportunities) and then lean in with a good attitude to DEVELOP A PASSION FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Passion is found when you put love into what you do (inwardly focused) and few things feel better than passion.

  • STEP 3. PURPOSE (Act)-  Purpose is found when you take your passion and use it to AUTHENTICALLY drive love into the world (outwardly focused).


PURPOSE STATEMENT: Every company closes every meeting with our purpose statement: Purpose is found through authentic expressions of love and the world changes one person and one decision at a time, so let's go live our purpose because we are the change this world needs.

CUSTOMER PROMISE: Bring entrepreneurs from their pain (overwhelm) to their purpose (love).


CORE BELIEF (Macro): We can solve the world's problems if we all just stop putting our energy into the things that divide us and instead put our energy into the things that unite us…the primary thing being, LOVE.

OUR VISION:  Every business operating using our system IS a business that is operating in love and they ARE a beacon of light and love in the world. When 155,000 businesses operate using our system, with the assumption that the footprint of the average small business is 5,000 people (customers, team, prospects, community, etc.), then the total footprint of our love will be about 775M which is about 10% of the world population (7.75B). We believe it is at this point we will see not just small change, but real, tangible, noticeable change in the culture of the world. Entrepreneurs have always been the ones to create change in the world and we believe they are the most equipped to usher in this new era of love. 

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